Migrating from 0.1.x to 0.2.x

The release of the 0.2.x series brings some rather breaking changes for 0.1.x installations. Most of the changes happened in the keys used in the mantriConf.json file, so your 0.1.x file will work but with Deprecation warnings. The warnings and 0.1.x -> 0.2.x converter will get removed when 0.3.x is released.

Changes to your mantriConf.json file


The following keys have changed name:

  • baseUrl --> jsRoot
  • libs --> vendorLibs
  • build.input --> build.src
  • build.exclude --> build.excludeVendor

Breaking Change

The outputWrapper directive no longer uses Underscore's template method, it now uses Google Closure's native output-wrapper format:

(function() {%output%})();

New Keys and Features

The 0.2.x series brings two new major features, sourcemaps and multiple build modules.